Psychotherapy Fees

All of our psychotherapists work on a sliding scale. Specific sliding scales vary by credentials and professional experience.

Sliding Scale Fees*
for Psychotherapy/Counseling Services
Licensed PsychotherapistsFee
Licensed at least 10 years
Suzi Woodard, LPCS $120 - $60
Tom Woodard, LPCS, LCAS, CCS $120 - $60
Phil Cole, LCSW, LCAS $120 - $70
Deborah Tallarico, RN, LPC $120 - $60
Matthew Cooper, LPC $120 - $50
Licensed less than 10 years
Lexie Danner, MA, LPCA, EFT-INT1 $75-$30

*Fees are for a standard 45-60 minute session with one therapist. Intake sessions and longer sessions may cost more.

**Reduced fees individually negotiable if needed

Graduate Counseling Interns
Our interns have completed at least one year of classwork toward their graduate degrees. They are available for free counseling sessions. They are supervised by licensed psychotherapists.
Optional donations to Blue Mountain Center are welcome. This helps us cover the costs of office rent, electricity, water, paper, other supplies, etc. for our interns and their clients.

Insurance, EAP Plans

Some of our licensed psychotherapists are on specific insurance and/or EAP panels. Please check with us or with your carrier to find out which of us is on your company's panel. You will also need to confirm whether or not you have met your deductible, if you have one, and how much your copay and/or coinsurance payment would be for each session. If either of those is too high, or you don't have insurance, you are welcome to use our sliding scale instead.

Please click here for other important considerations regarding using your insurance coverage for our services.

We are no longer able to accept Medicaid, but many Medicaid clients are taking advantage of our free services with our supervised graduate students.