Blue Mountain Consulting offers workshops and seminars to a wide range of groups, from businesses and organizations to youth groups and families. We draw on many years of experience in this work to design sessions specifically to meet the particular needs or goals of each group. We use structured group initiative activities involve participants in the processes of discovery and skill-building.

We prefer at least a half day or full day with a group but can be available for a shorter time frame. We can meet indoors or outdoors, at the business or organization or neighborhood location, or we can arrange an off-site location that fits the group and its goals.

Our Workshop Topics or Goals Include:
  • teambuilding
  • leadership development
  • problem-solving
  • conflict resolution
  • effective communication skills
  • emotional intelligence
  • practical stress management
  • burnout prevention in difficult times
  • turning crisis into opportunity
  • developing or regaining trust
  • maintaining integrity
  • improving morale
  • discovering or rediscovering passion
  • working with diversity
  • building confidence and self-efficacy
  • having fun together
  • play for all ages

We can also design workshops around specific shared issues such as grief and loss, trauma recovery, relapse prevention, managing fears, marriage enrichment, etc.

We can work with any group that is interested in developing and enhancing teamwork. We are happy to include a focus on leadership development within the context of a team experience in which we facilitate participants' discovery and development of their strengths and skills as a team leader.

We offer consulting for various types of groups including:

  • businesses and corporations
  • agencies, non-profits
  • boards and committees
  • staff groups, management teams
  • families
  • groups of couples
  • children and youth
  • churches
  • civic organizations