About Blue Mountain Center

Blue Mountain Center for Integrative Health serves as a primary community resource offering high quality, affordable direct client services, education, workshops, and consultation. Our holistic work bridges mainstream and complementary/alternative health and wellness concepts and techniques. Using practical approaches based on research and experience, we tailor our services to the needs and process of each individual or group. Although we work independently, we welcome the opportunity to coordinate our work with physicians and other healthcare providers.


We first opened our doors in September 2003 on Clint Norris Road near New Market Shopping Center in Boone, NC, as Blue Mountain Center for the Healing Arts. It was the culmination of many months of visioning and planning by Sharon Boyd, Miranda Schooley, and Suzi Woodard, licensed psychotherapists who for several years had co-coordinated Common Ground, an interdisciplinary network of mainstream and complementary/alternative healthcare, and wellness providers. It is the first such center in the area to integrate mainstream and holistic psychotherapies with yoga, massage, and bodywork.

The center remained at the Clint Norris location just over seven years, until November 2010, when the building was about to be sold. After much searching, the Blue Mountain Center group found a great new location in the upper level of Boone Business Park office building on Meadowview Drive, around the corner from Walgreens. The doors officially opened there under our new name, Blue Mountain Center for Integrative Health, in two adjacent suites on November 15, 2010. There are five offices off the main floor lobbies of each suite, one of which is the art therapy/play therapy room, and an upstairs room for small yoga classes and meditation groups. There is a kitchenette for light meal and snack preparation. The two lobbies are connected by an open inner doorway so staff and clients can move freely between them.

Yoga, massage therapy, and other forms of bodywork and energy healing have been part of the center from its inception. An art therapy/play therapy room is another important component for work with expressive arts and with children, and there are a variety of other programs and services offered from time to time. In addition to working with their own individual clients, our professionals collaborate together intentionally as a team with shared clients and on a variety of projects and programs.